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10 Step Nonprofit Email Marketing Audit

Oftentimes, we meet nonprofits that ask us to take a look under their hood. Like everyone, they want to know how they are doing compared to their peers, and if there are any gaping holes in their strategy. “What are the big impact areas we can improve,” is a question I hear often.  In an effort to help out as many nonprofits as we can, we have developed 10 simple questions to gauge the health and effectiveness of your nonprofit email marketing efforts.

You can use the 10 questions below as a guide for your own internal thinking for your nonprofit email marketing campaigns or send them to the experts at Media Cause for analysis and a simple blueprint of next steps.

  1. Do you currently do any email marketing? Yes/No
  2. How do/did you build your email list?
  3. What are the goals of your email marketing program?
  4. What is your biggest challenge when it comes to email?
  5. How do you distribute/send your email?
  6. How many emails do you send each Week/Month?
  7. Please provide any examples of recent emails you’ve sent out or a link to your archive, if available.
  8. What do you measure in your email marketing efforts?
  9. What is the name you use to send your email from?
  10. How do you manage replies?

Get started with your nonprofit email marketing audit now!



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